The first coaching program – The fundaments of coaching

Develop U offers the first ICF approved ACSTH program for coaching training in Bulgaria. Our program is designed to support your accreditation as coach so that you can start your coaching career or support the development of your organization.
The program is offered on online learning, in house, on Bulgarian or English.

Who attends our 84-hour professional coach training program

* People looking for fundamental core courses in coach training

* People who intend to become well-trained and masterful credentialed coaches

* Experienced coaches whose clients are now starting to demand formal coach education and coaches with International Coach Federation credentials

* Internal corporate and organizational coaches responsible for developing a strong coaching culture within their organization.

* Individuals who are interested in incorporating solid coaching skills into other positions or professions.

* People who want to communicate more effectively with others and gain more control of their life

What you will learn

* In-depth information and interaction with the ICF’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies

* Protecting your coachee and protecting your reputation as a coach with Ethics & Standards for the Professional Coach

* Popular myths and misconceptions in coaching – learn how prospective individuals and organizations can easily spot an untrained coach

* What is professional coaching and distinctions between coaching and other professional roles

* How to get out of your own way using Develop U’s acclaimed Personal Foundation concepts

* How to coach virtually anyone on anything using our toolbox of critical coaching models, skills and tools

* Determining elements of your ideal coaching practice, your strengths in coaching, and to specialize, or not, in personal coaching, career coaching, business coaching and internal coaching (plus many more niches)

* Crucial components in creating strong coaching contracts

* How to use the 10+ forms, resources, checklists, assessments and other tools developed by Develop U (and how to use third-party assessments in coaching) How to coach people with different learning styles, personalities, cultures, roles, etc.

* Situational coaching scenarios

* Fundamental differences between internal and external coaches

* Qualifications that large organizations seek out for their global pool of internal or external coaches

* How to establish sustainable coaching fees and packages

* Pitfalls and mistakes that untrained or poorly trained coaches make

* Sales strategies that the most successful coaches use

* Marketing tools for the new coach (strategies for both internal and external coaches)

* How to attract your first or next clients or coachees

* Creating multiple revenue streams

* Pathways to becoming credentialed as a coach

Develop U`s Fundamental Delivery Options

Develop U`s fundamental program is offered in two formats:

* Develop U Fundamental Program – our facilitated, self-paced, home-based program delivered via TeleClass

* Develop U Fundamental Program – our accelerated program delivered face-to-face with supplemental TeleClasses, where we have 5 full in house training days and post webinar classess