Become a coach

Become a coach

What makes a good Coach?

Being a coach is usually about supporting others to develop and manage their own learning. To be a good coach, therefore, means being able to listen and facilitate objectively without solving peoples’ problems for them. The most important skill in coaching is asking the right questions framed within a coaching conversation. Beyond this it is important to have relevant competence or experience to support the coaching process.

How to get started?

Once the path of becoming a coach has been chosen you need to pave the route with defined goals.
Common career backgrounds for professional business coaches include occupational business and Industrial – Organizational psychology, Sport Psychology, Organizational Development, Human Resources and Training. Senior management and leadership roles within private and public sector businesses also provide experience and skills which are fundamental to becoming an excellent coach.
Personal or life coaches come from all walks of life and work with a wide variety of people from private clients to far reaching voluntary sector schemes.

How do I become a Coach?


  • Decide what sort of coach you plan to be and what you can bring to this role. Options include setting up your own business as a business or personal (life) coach / mentor, taking an internal coach / mentor role within a business or working in the voluntary sector.
  •  Consider what will make you a great coach and how your skills, experience and expertise will differentiate you from the other coaches.
  • Identify what additional skills and frameworks you need and complete appropriate training, as required.


Then, if you plan to offer your services commercially without joining an existing company or practice:

  • Set up as a business, partnership or as self-employed. Seek advice from an accountant or business advisor if you are unsure which route to take.
  • Develop a business plan which includes your target market, business proposition, marketing and sales plan and financial goals.

What training do I need?

There are many different options for coach training and Continuing Professional Development. Courses range from introductory short courses to advanced programmes leading to Masters or Doctorates. As well as content level, training providers vary in terms of delivery methods and style so it’s important to find the course which both matches your personal learning style and will best equip you for the market you want to work in. Whether or not you will need specialist coach before becoming a coach. This will depend on your existing core skills, professional qualifications and experience of people and organisational development.

The Benefits of becoming a Coach

The benefits of becoming a coach are both personal and professional. Be prepared for surprises in the way your whole life will change as you integrate coaching into your life.

  • Peoples’ sense of satisfaction in life increases
  • Coaching has a beneficial effect on personal relationships
  • The depth of training enhances our students’ ability and skills as managers of their own lives

Individuals investigate coach training for a variety of reasons. Some people want to build on their skills and abilities to help others reach their goals. Others see it as a journey and time for a personal growth.
On a professional level, coach training provides the platform for meaningful service in the world. Meaningful service is the basis for personal, professional and financial success.

I would like to go further!

Develop U offers the first ICF approved ACSTH program for coaching training in Bulgaria. Our program is designed to support your accreditation as coach so that you can start your coaching career or support the development of your organization.
The program is offered on online learning, in house, on Bulgarian or English.

Contact us to start your own journey of becoming a coach!