Career Consulting

Career Coaching

What is Career Consulting?
Career Consulting is a process in which an authorized specialist (career counselor) is assisting with the decision-making on matters related to the personal career and professional development.

The training center in Develop U is increasingly becoming a crucial place for career development and professional development of young people. With our services the individuals more easily orient themselves in their own desires and capabilities.


– Providing internships – helping our students for traineeship (legal, accounting, management, etc..)
– Job Application – assistance in finding a job after completion of course with us (professional training).

What you get

– Strategy job search;
– Information about the expectations of employers during the interview;
– Making portfolio, CV, and motivational letter;
– Tips, tactics, philosophy of growth in the professional field and achieving satisfaction;
– Acquiring the skills to adapt to a new environment (school/work);
– Role of personal development (self-realization of the potential and the talent – desires, options);
– “Lifelong learning”

When do we need Career Consulting?

  • When we need to choose how and where to continue our education and to what professional field / position to focus on
  • When we want to know which is the best career for us – to learn more about our abilities, interests, values, personality characteristics and needs of professional development
  • When we need more information on the labor market requirements of employers and opportunities in order to succeed
  • When you want to learn how and where to look for a job or internship and how to do well on the interview and on the work place
  • When we need information on how to start our own business
  • When changing the profession and a need for additional or different qualifications are required
  • When we want to improve your skills self-assessment or to learn how to make decisions, plan and manage our career path

Career development and professional growth – steps towards
Career development is a process that occurs throughout the life of a man. It covers occupations and types of work activities and leisure pursuits in which the person chooses. Personal decisions that are made in this process are influenced by many social factors such as family environment, family and school education and religious orientation. Currently, Career Consulting is regarded as a service with a huge social impact. In an attempt to define the profession related to career consulting have been used many names: career guidance, career consulting, vocational guidance, etc. A “consultation” means the process in which specialized person (career counselor) offers assistance in accordance with very limited methodological framework to another person (client) receiving this assistance to be able to take better decisions about their professional career.
The practice of career consulting include: application of the principles of mental health, psychological and human development strategies through cognitive, emotional, behavioral and systemic interventions that impact on well-being, personal growth and career development, and on pathological cases. The main task of the career counselor is to facilitate client access opportunities for professional development and to assist in the process of deciding on the issues of the path to the career development.