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Develop U is organizing training for starting coaches

How to start your own coaching business?

If you have considered the possibility to build your own coaching business or need advice about starting your career as a coach – then you need us.

Making coaching part of your life, is to find a great new way of earning money while retaining your personal freedom. To start your own business is not easy, especially today when two out of three start-ups fail in the first year. We are here to help you find exactly what you need to build your own Training and coaching business. For this purpose, we identified for you over 100 key factors and steps that can help you in starting a new business.

We can help you …

– To find the right solution to the question “how to make a profit”

– To be able to identify those features that would distinguish you from the competition and show your prospective clients why should they choose you…

– To find that niche that will bring you both satisfaction and profit, how to differentiate in the market environment and discover exactly what training needs you have

– To prepare a proper plan and build a strong network of contacts before you leave your current job

– To identify and master the skills that you need as a future manager – because it will be necessary to develop new skills that will be useful during the process of becoming a leader

– To create a completely new approach to online coaching

– To design your own marketing strategy

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