Training programs

Develop U offers the first ICF approved ACSTH programs for coaching training in Bulgaria. Our programs are designed to support your accreditation as coach so that you can start your coaching career or support the development of your organization.
The programs are offered on online learning, in house, on Bulgarian or English.

Coach certification program online

Coaching certification program in-house

Leadership for coaches – program that brings CCEUs

Program content:

„My coaching“ training is an ICF approved coaching training that happens in a group setting. During the training you have the opportunity to acquire tools that you can reintegrate in your personal and professional life.

The training is individual-based, given within a diverse group. In this way you work for yourself with other people around and with you. In the training with your coaching process you deal with vital questions such as: What are your dreams and goals? How do you create connections? How do you deal with unexpected situations? How do you build up relationships? How do you approach and communicate with other people? How do you deal with diverse group of people around you?


The training is there to give a frame for your own coaching skills based in the ICF competencies, get familiar with the process by using methods that follow the natural human behavior, which work in the same way like learning to walk, taste and feel. We call it learning by experience. The exercises, called processes, will be done alternately alone, in pairs or in group. By giving tools that provide insights, the trainer will prepare the ground. One process may involve talking, while in another you will be listening or visualizing certain thoughts with your eyes closed. Exercises will be provided in combination with music, dance or play. There are indoor and outdoor processes. All processes will contain an element of surprise, the exact nature of which is not known upfront. Questions will thus be prompted that can be answered by the participant alone, namely by experiencing his or her own reactions.

The training is open for those who want to develop themselves, grow in their profession, improve quality in personal life, actively learn about themselves with a group of other people and through that to develop socially and individually. The group represents a wide spectrum of society – participants come from different backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, organization members, social and youth workers, NGO managers, volunteers, students, parents etc.


My Coaching Training is a carefully constructed and comprehensive whole. The training will create, in a simple manner, conditions that will enable you to experience how you behave, what effect this has on you and what the results can be. Each day during the training period, you will build on what has been done the previous day and a new theme will be introduced. The central coaching questions raised in the training are: What is important for me? What do I really want to achieve? How do I set up goals for myself? How do I realize my successes? In general, the training focuses on personal growth through subjects such self-awareness, openness, spontaneity, enrichment of relationships in all areas: relationships with different people, partners, family, friends and colleagues.

For every day, we selected seven major topics to guide and structure the period of the training. It is important to note that these topics include a variety of sub-topics and sub-goals, each according to the needs and aspirations of the participants, as far as we have already mentioned that the training is individual in relation to others.

Feedback from our students:

“I have the privilege to work with Daniela from short time, but I can state that being in contact with her is a very positive and professional. She contributes to each project with energy, passion and professional competence. Daniela is able to create environment of motivation for growth, believes in the good in each human being and develops his/ her strengths during her training courses.
Daniela made me believe in the effectiveness of coaching and it’s fast results. She managed to support and motivate me as well while moving towards that direction.
I can recommend Daniela as trainer in coaching skills to everyone who decided to advance his/ her skills with coaching and to each one who is searching for an experienced and skillful coach.”

Atanas penkov at UniCredit Bulbank

“If you are looking for heart warming down to earth coach,mentor and consultant look for opportunity to work with Daniela.I was lucky to be invited for her ICF approved coaching program and it was really impressed with her sharing her experience with group.Thank You Daniela I am looking forward working with you again in the near future.”
Nenad Stanic – KENOVA
Company Executive Trainer, Team & 1 to 1 coach

“Hello Danny,
I am very glad that I have attended namely your training, but as we know the law of attraction works.
I would recommend and now I do this training for several important facts:
1. The training is held in Bulgarian, giving us, Bulgarians, the opportunity to feel part of the world
2. The training is run online, which saves both time and money, which for me, as a mother, was crucial
3. The training hours could be modified, consistent with the schedule of all participants
4. The studies were taught with a lot of examples, relevant questions, especially in a language understandable for the participants
5. Your approach during the training was both gentle and, wherever necessary, precise and specific.
6. 6Part of the training presented real coaching sessions that enriched me and afterwards your feedback was very important and valuable to me.

Maybe I can quote a lot more arguments for you, but the key thing is that the money invested have already brought profit, if only with the sessions I did with my children, because there is nothing more valuable than developping and improving namely your own children.”
Desislava Sevova
Manager of private business “Treta Baba” and currently coach, who have completed the first MY Coaching programme in Bulgaria